I have had a camera in my hand since I was in middle school.

Sharing photographs has become a part of our Internet and Social Media culture. In Mile 46, I share photographs I took while I was living with a Maasai family in Kenya. Here, I show some of my other galleries.


These are slideshow galleries-- either wait or you can click and enjoy at your own pace.

Myanmar (BURMA), 2015


Morocco, 2011


Columbia University, 1985


In 1985, I was a part of the second freshman class at Columbia University that admitted women. In the spring, a young man went on a hunger strike that lead to a sit-in where students were insisting the university divest from all companies that do business in South Africa. This was during a time that Nelson Mandela was still in prison, and Apartheid reigned in that country. It was a successful protest: The University pulled all of its money from companies that did business in South Africa in response to our student voices and concerns.


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Schwedeggon Pagoda ©Joni Binder

At sunset, Rangoon.